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The 10 Most Surprising Things That Happen in Our Escape Rooms

August 10, 2016

Solving REAL LIFE, REAL TIME puzzles in a themed setting in order to find the final key and escape the room sounds like a lot of fun for the ones playing the game. The experience can also be fun for the ones watching the game.

When introducing participants to a room escape, Game Masters will generally familiarize the group with basic information and the rules of the game. One point is that the players will be monitored during the whole game. This is necessary for safety reasons and also in order to be assisted in their mission. However, after accepting their challenge and entering the room, some participants forget about the fact that cameras and microphones are turned on at all times. This has lead to funny, weird and shocking moments. Here are our top 10:

1. PDA
Whether it is a couple sneaking a kiss while on camera (we are always watching), or an excited victor bursting from the room and bear hugging one of our Game Masters, there is always some Public Displays of Affection to be found at Last Minute Escape.

2. Losing It
It = Pants. It seems like this guest forgot to wear a belt that evening. Hopefully, this will remain the only incident of this kind. Otherwise we may need to hand out suspenders before each game.

3. Family Feuds
Participant’s relationships can be put to the test under pressure in an escape room. Can we turn family feuding into family bonding? Yes, we can. We make families great again.

4. Perfect Match
Our Valentine’s Special has brought some real surprises. Couples show up and inside the room, will switch partners. As long as everyone is happy - we are happy!

5. Will you marry me?
Do you think the chance of your significant other saying ‘yes’ when you ask the question of all questions increases when they are locked in a room? Well, our success rate on engagements so far is 100%! Popping the question in an escape room can be a strategic move and our Game Masters are happy to play cupids.

6. Like...what???
Unfortunately, some participants will not understand the purpose of their presence in escape rooms. Even after sending a bunch of clues and sometimes even having to spell out the next step, there is no hope. Maybe next time!

7. The emergency
Emergencies do happen and we are not referring to fire, we are talking about real emergencies! Just like it happened to Sal from the Impractical Jokers in our Speakeasy, guests that come to us right after a big dinner, may face not only challenges in the room, but also with their bladders. Oops!

8. Be prepared
How can you impress a first date during an escape room? Be an alpha and solve the puzzles. Unfortunately, that’s not always that easy. Rooms are challenging. That’s why some young men will join us beforehand to play and prepare to come back and do the same room again. We hope they will find ways to further impress their dates beyond room escapes.

9. Tipsy
If you get into an escape room tipsy, it may not be as easy as you think! A few drinks at dinner may seem like a good idea, but the puzzles don’t get any easier with a drink or two beforehand. From our experience, it’s better for a group to get some drinks after trying one of our escape rooms, especially since they’ll have a lot more to talk about after they try it!

10. Enthusiasts
One of the best parts about hosting escape rooms is seeing our enthusiastic customers again and again. We are always thrilled to see our regular guests attempt all of our rooms. We hope you’ll become a regular guest as well when you visit our locations in Wayne, Morristown, Toms River and Montclair!