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A “Last Minute Escape” Proposal

January 14, 2016

Will you marry me? One might expect to hear those words at a restaurant, Rockefeller Center during the holidays, or in a beautiful park setting.  All venues that allow for both possible answers.  There are some places however that make it almost impossible to say “no”. If you want to hedge your bet, how about popping the question in the top car of the London Eye or in a sail boat drifting on a moon lit bay or on top of Mount Everest?  Too elaborate and maybe a bit too expensive we have another place that allows for the same captivity along with drama and romance.

That’s what a fine young man last month realized when he called Last Minute Escape Room Escapes and asked the owner if he could bring his friends and family to the room escape game in Wayne. He made one request, he wanted to change the end of the game to have a beautiful engagement ring alongside the key in the final box to be opened.  They arrived and his lovely bride to be was excited to be playing the game. All in her company expressed enthusiasm for what was to come.  She reveled in their excitement not knowing that as the clock was ticking down her life as a single unattached woman was also ticking down. Her fiancé had come earlier in the week to the game location to learn it. Of course if he couldn’t get to that last clue in 60 minutes then “game over” would have a whole different meaning for him. He expertly maneuvered the clues to the amazement  of his unsuspecting girlfriend.  When the final box set before them he graciously gave his soon to be fiancé the final key and asked her to open the box. When she did there was a ring box sitting amongst flowers that Last Minute Escape had carefully arranged.  She looked at it and said “hmmm,  it’s a ring box and handed it to him still frantically looking for the last key to exit the room.  Meanwhile he dropped to one knee opened the box and as she turned to presumably say there was no key inside he said “Will you marry me”.  Their family and friends photographed the magic moment. There was only one minute left to complete the game and in that minute this young lady changed her life and said “yes” through tears of happiness.

Their “Last Minute Escape” experience found the key to their new life together.  Your experience may not reach those levels of excitement but the countdown drama of playing a game that brings you systematically to a place of victory and accomplishment is enough for most of us even without the diamond at the end.