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The Mayan Tomb – Coming Soon!

January 27, 2016

In Wayne, N.J “Last Minute Escape” has transported you back into the 1930’s to O’Banion’s Speakeasy with all of its danger and grittiness. We have checked you into our Washington DC Hotel Luxeva during the 1980 Cold war to engage in espionage. You have time traveled to medieval times to combat an evil sorceress at the Duke’s Palace. In Montclair N.J., you have immersed yourself in the search for a missing N.J. Senator at the Senator’s Manor.

Now opening soon, Morristown, N.J. “Exit Strategy” presents “Last Minute Escape” Rooms. You will be provided with safe transport to descend underground to the ancient ruins of the powerful Mayan civilization. Your journey will move you through an underground temple abandoned by its creators but still rich in its sculptures, carvings, and archeological treasures. Other treasure hunters have descended into this forgotten world in search of King Pacal’s priceless gem stone but have never emerged. The power of this gem stone is said to give its possessor eternal life. By emerging yourself for one hour in the Mayan Tomb you will be amazed and stunned at the remarkable achievements in astronomy, mathematics and calendrics of the Mayan civilization but your greatest victory if you succeed will be to find immortality in your” Last Minute Escape”.