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Escape Rate: 21.4%

Joy is abundant in a magical city as a group of close family and friends have gathered in the Duke’s Palace for a quaint wedding between the Duke’s son and a beautiful princess. Jealous of the happiness and with evil designs of her own to take the throne of the magical city, an evil sorceress has cast a terrible curse over the wedding guests.

It is an hour before midnight, and the curse will take full effect as soon as the clock strikes twelve. As you feel your movement begin to slow as the magic of the curse envelopes you, you and your fellow guests must find a way to reverse the curse and escape the palace before you and your team are lost forever. Test your analytical and problem solving skills at: The Duke’s Palace

Once Upon a Time

A beautiful city is about to celebrate the wedding of the Prince and Princess.

An evil sorceress has other plans…

The wedding party is frozen stiff! Only the other guests can break the curse!

With only one hour before midnight, can you break the curse of the Duke’s Palace?