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Escape Rate: 22.8%

With the USSR and the United States in the midst of a Cold War, the arms race has taken center stage. One particular piece of technology is coveted by both countries: the ability to hide an airplane from radar. This new technology, known as stealth, could solidify the dominance of either world power! One team of American scientists has just invented the necessary components to make the dream a reality, and as a team of secret agents it is your job to rendezvous with the head scientist at the Hotel Luxeva. Get the stealth technology and escape the hotel before the KGB arrive, and you may just guarantee the future of the free world. Test your analytical and problem solving skills in Last Minute Escape: The Luxeva Hotel.

Critical Mission Information

April 12 1984 – December 19 1986
American and Russian Scientists race against one another to develop the first plane that is invisible to radar. This “stealth” technology will alter the balance between the two superpowers. It is essential to American National Security that we defeat the Soviets in this race!

January 29 1987
Neuhaus and Miles technologies is currently the forerunner in Stealth technology in the United States, and the two founding partners, Mr. Franklin Wilson Neuhaus, Jr. and Dr. Millard Miles have announced that they’ve cracked the secret!

February 8 1987
The scientists have agreed to meet with CIA operatives at the Hotel Luxeva in Washington, DC. The hotel manager has cleared the hotel of all other patrons for the clandestine rendezvous.

February 10 1987
The Kremlin may be onto the meeting! KGB activity has spiked in the region according to intel and it is possible that agents are approaching. There isn’t much time for the CIA agents to meet with Dr. Miles and pick up the documents. The clock is ticking!