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Escape Rate: 42.3%

United States Senator Franklin Wilson Neuhaus, II has been missing for several months. His son, Frankin, III has discovered through tax records that a secret manor belonging to Senator Neuhaus has not been investigated by the police. Not sure who he can trust, Franklin III has turned to you, a team of expert private investigators, to find any clues inside that may lead to the discovery of his father’s whereabouts. Did he run away on his own or is something more sinister to blame? You have one hour to find Senator Neuhaus before the investigation is taken over by the police. Test your analytical and problem-solving skills in Last Minute Escape: The Senator’s Manor.

Key Personnel Files

Name: Senator Franklin Wilson Neuhaus, II
Age: 52 (Botox, Hair Dye to appear younger)

Critical Information:Senator Neuhaus has been missing for several months. Sources suggest that he was a Lothario is his younger days. He is known in politics for his grandiloquence on the Senate floor and kindly demeanor. He is a self-made millionaire from a former company where he was responsible for technological innovations in a weapons company.

Name: Franklin Wilson Neuhaus, III
Relation: Son
Age: 20

Critical Information: Franklin, III is the only son of Senator Neuhaus and his wife, Lily Neuhaus. Franklin, III frequently squanders away his trust fund while enjoying expensive wine and lavish vacations. Despite his education at Princeton University and his family connections, he does not seem preoccupied with going into business or politics and instead prefers an idler lifestyle.

Name: Lily Neuhaus
Relation: Wife
Age: 38

Critical Information: Senator Neuhaus personally hired Lily as a secretary after her graduation from high school when he was a partner at his former company. They were married and Franklin, III was born only 7 months later. Married and made a mother at such a young age, Lily spends a significant amount of time away from the Senator and is considered cold and stand-offish according to her acquaintances.

Name: Millard Miles
Relation: Former Business Partner
Age: 56

Critical Information: Senator Neuhaus and Millard Miles started a company together in the early 1980s. Recently the company has been declining in value, prompting concerns for a hostile takeover or bankruptcy. Millard Miles and the Senator have not been seen together in public for roughly a year prior to his disappearance.

Name: Detective Phillip DiFrancisco
Relation: Lead Investigator
Age: 29

Critical Information: Young for his position, Detective DiFrancisco is a seasoned cop who only recently received a promotion from patrolman. Described by his colleagues as honest, hard-working and thorough, he is still a surprising choice to be assigned the Neuhaus case given its high profile. As is police protocol, he refuses to work with private investigators or share information about the case he has gathered so far.