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Frequently Asked Questions

When I book, will I be by myself or paired with others?

The weekend tickets are sold individually, so each session may have up to 8 players. Unless you purchase all 8 tickets, you may end up working with others who also book for that same session. During the week, the price listed is for a private session of up to 4 people, with an additional charge for more than 4 players. If you book less than 8 people, there may be individuals added to your group unless a private booking is expressly requested. If you are interested in a private booking for a corporate event or party during a time that is not listed, please feel free to contact us!

So what exactly will I be doing?

It’s impossible to go into detail without ruining the mystery and excitement of the game, but what we can tell you is that you have one hour to search through several rooms to complete a given task. The rooms have all the necessary components to complete the task, but nothing is quite as easy as it seems…

What age do I have to be to participate?

Anyone under the age of 16 will have to be accompanied by an adult at the site, even if the adult doesn’t participate. Last Minute Escape recommends that you be at least 13 years of age to participate.

Is it scary?

No! The only concern you may have is for your nerves as they start to fray as the clock ticks down and you realize that with 10 minutes left you haven’t quite figured out all of the parts of the mystery! The room also comes complete with an emergency exit in case of any actual emergencies.

What happens if my team doesn’t finish in an hour?

Once the hour has expired and you have not finished the scenario then the door will open and you will exit the room. Remember: there’s always next time…

Who should play?

Have you ever seen a great mystery movie, played a mystery game or read an incredible whodunit novel and wished you could be a part of it? This game is definitely for you and it’s an experience that you’ll never forget! If you are part of an organization or business looking for an extraordinary bonding workshop or team-building session, a couple looking for a unique date opportunity, a family trying to find the ultimate game-night or a group of friends looking to have a memorable time together, Last Minute Escape is something you cannot miss!

How much does it cost?

On a weekday (Monday – Thursday) the price is $100 ($93.46 plus 7% sales tax) for the first 4 people and $20.50 ($19.16 plus 7% sales tax) per person afterward. On a weekend (Friday – Sunday) the price is $30.50 ($28.50 plus 7% sales tax) per person.