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Game Masters

The Faces Behind the Curtain


Anthony is a self-proclaimed board game geek. When he’s not trading sheep for wheat in Catan or trying to build the longest route in Ticket to Ride, Anthony is surrounded by 4-foot tall menaces. No he’s not wrestling midgets, rather he’s teaching second graders. Anthony visited his first escape room last year and instantly became a fan. In fact, in December 2015, he got engaged to his fiancé in Last Minute Escape’s Speakeasy room, because nothing says romance like a room full of locks. A few short months later he started working at Last Minute Escape. He’s really good at pouring even glasses of wine and has a zero tolerance policy on lactose. Oh, and he still has three baby teeth.


Former college cheerleader, gym rat, Last Minute Escape rookie, definitely not a nuclear physicist (Sorry, Grandpa.). Christina is wrapping up her degrees in psychology and exercise physiology at William Paterson University with future hopes of simply not being broke. When she is not locking people in rooms for 60 minutes, she is probably napping or looking at pictures of cats on Instagram. Christina also enjoys over eating mac & cheese and torturing herself through triathlons. If you notice that she hasn’t come in to work for a while, it is safe to assume she has died due to a fatal combination of loving cats and severe allergies.


Ascending from the depths of South Jersey, the giant ginger phenom brings his uncanny wit and unmatched love of tacos to the Last Minute Escape team. Still euphoric from his upset win over the Jamaican Hopscotch Mafia in the 1997 Pre-teen Obscure Sports World Championships, Tyler spends his time participating in Tough Mudders, playing video games, and building pillow forts to scale of Yankee Stadium. When he’s not pumping clues to wayward escapees, Tyler educates the sarcastic generation of the future about History. This bombastic bearded hero can also be seen wandering the streets at night, unwavering in his search for the Sour Patch Parents.


Gabby is one of the longest tenured Game Masters here at Last Minute. Her talents include not answering text messages for days, cooking, speaking fluent sarcasm, and building literally anything. Her hobbies are working on her Jeep, playing ice hockey, and cliff jumping. By day, she is a high school Calculus teacher and by night she is a giant nerd just trying to perfect her British accent


One day, Lindsay found herself trapped in a room. She knew that panic would set in within the hour and then she would not be able to escape, so she practiced deep breathing exercises to keep calm. Though most would be overcome with paralyzing fear, Lindsay used her intellectual prowess and McGyver-like skills to finagle her way out of the room. In an interesting twist of fate, Lindsay now has the pleasure of watching others get trapped in a room and attempt to find their way out at her alternate job, Last Minute Escape. If groups listen closely enough, they can hear her laughing maniacally as she closes the door on them.


Born and raised in NJ, Tommy is an entrepreneur, actor and filmmaker along with being avid traveler and adventurer. After playing an escape game in Budapest, Hungary a few years ago, he was hooked on the concept so, with his background in entertainment and management, becoming a game master was a perfect fit.